how to useScalp 2

Product Functions

1、Product working mode:
In the shutdown state,press the ON/OFF button,and the product starts to work. The default mode is more 1 ( fast mode ) after booting.
2.Boot up
Short press ON/OFF button,product boot.

3.Mode Selection
Short press ON/OFF button after booting,switchable mode.

4、Shut down
Long press ON/OFF button,product shutdown.

When the battery voltage is too low, the indicator flashes.
When the product is charged,the indicator lights flicker.when the product is full of electricity,the indicator lights are always on.
7.charging time
Charging time is about 2-3hours. When charging, the product does not support booting. 7.Charging under working conditions,the product starts a self-protection program and stops working automatically.

Correct use method

This product can not be used while charging. Please unplug the power adapter and use it after charging.
1 timing function 
Intelligent timing 10 minutes, and then the power supply automatically cuts off.
2 massage function 
In the shutdown state, press the switch button, the product starts to work,and the default mode is 1 (fast mode).
3 massage mode 
Mode 1 : fast forward rotation, flashing indicator light, the indicator light is always on;
Mode 2: slow forward rotation, two flashes of the indicator, the indicator is always on;
Mode 3: fast and slow cycle forward turn, indicator flashes three times, indicator lights are always on;
4 indicator light flickers when electricity is too low.