how to useisee4


Power on

  1. Open the lid of the charging port in the bottom of the rear cover of the master unit.
  2. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. We suggest using a surge protected power bar, and plug the other end into the DC jack under the rear cover.
  3. The indicator of power on the LCD screen flashes during charging; the flash stops when fully charged.
  4. The product cannot be operated while charging (if the product is charged while operating, it will start the self-protection program and stop operating automatically)
  5. The time of charging is 2 〜3 hours

Mode Selection

After starting up, the machines default mode is SLEEP mode; short-press On/Off key to switch next mode.

SLEEP MODE                MED MODE                               HARD MODE

Time:10 minutes             Time:15 minutes.                        Time:20 minutes.

Air Pressure:ON.           Air Pressure:ON                            Air Pressure:ON

Hotcompressing:ON       Hotcompress:ON                         Hotcompress:ON

Vibration:OFF                Vibration:OFF                               Vibration:ON

Music:OFF                        Music:0N                                      Music:0N


Long-press On/Off key to shut down the machine, and the machine stops working