how to useisee 16

Basic functions

Air pressure: Gentle mode Heavy mode

 Heating: High temperature 40-45 C

Music: Water flow Ocean Cricket Water drop

 Time: 10 minute 15minute 20minute

Vibration:Default mode, not adjustable

SLEEP mode Time: 10 min. Air pressure:on Heating: on Vibration: off 

MED mode Time: 15 min. Air pressure: off Heating: on Vibration: on 

HARD mode Time: 20 min. Air pressure: on Heating: on Vibration: on

Music operation

Press Music button to play music

Press Music button again select next track Press and hold Music button to stop playing music


Before use 

  1. Fully charge the product 
  2. Use the power adaptor provided by our company Operation Power on: press Power/Mode button, the product will start working when a 〃beep〃 is heard; Power off: press Power/Mode button and hold for 2 seconds, the product will power off after three 〃 beeps" are heard.

 Mode operation

Press Power/Mode button to power on the product

Working status: SLEEP mode by default after power on Press Mode button to switch mode among MED, HARD and SLEEP. Press and hold Power/Mode button to power off