how to useineck 2


  1. Insert cylindrical plug of power adapter into the power charging port of the main unit, and the other end is connected with AC power.
  2. The indicator of power on the LCD screen flashes during charging,the flash stops when fully charged.
  3. In the process of charging, the product does not support operating (if the product is charged while operating, it will start the self-protection program and stop operating automatically)
  4. Charging time is 5〜6 hours.


Pull belt into belt hole, please use nails on massage head width adjustment knobs concave, button out V half arc, put on the main unit to adjust drawstring width knob till a desired position got.please aim the main unit right at neck, hold drawstring with two hands,


If to short press the Power On/Off key, the product starts working, and the LED indicator lights in red. The default time is 15 minute, and the default massage mode is mode 1. To change massage mode, please operate mode repeat key, and the corresponding massage mode shall be displayed on LED display.

Manual mode

Mode selection: four massage modes: if to short press mode selection key, massage mode will be changed in turn.

Model one group of massage head runs forward and one group of massage head runs reversely;

Mode2 one group of massage head runs reversely and one group of massage head runs forward;

Mode3 two groups of massage head run forward (with infrared magneto therapy function);

Mode4 two groups of massage head run reversely (with infrared magneto therapy function);

Massage strength adjustment

Intellectual adjustment of massage strength: when the massage head touches articles, massage strength will automatically increase; when the massage head fails to touch articles, massage speed will automatically decrease.


If long press Power On/Off key, the products shall stop running, and LED turns off. (When fixed time is up, the product will automatically turn off).

If short press Power On/Off key, running time will switch to 5min, 10min and 15min, which will show on LCD screen.