how to use-scalpmini

Product Functions

Start the machine: Under the shutdown state, press the ON/OFF key, the product starts running;
Mode selection: Short press the Mode key to switch the product between.

three modes

Mode 1: The massage head rotates fast forward, the white indicator flashes 

once and then keeps on, and Mode 1 is the default mode;

Mode 2: The massage head rotates forward slowly, the white indicator 

flashes twice and then keeps on;

Mode 3: The massage head rotates forward slowly and circularly, the white 

indicator flashes for three times and then keeps on;



 Long press the "ON/OFF" key to shut down the product;

The product automatically shuts down after working for 10 minutes by 



Electric consumption

The indicator flashes when the product battery is low; 


The charging time is about 2~3h, during charging, the indicator flashes; when it is fully charged, the indicator keeps on;

The product enables the self-protection program under charging state, and 
stops running.