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Maintain Your Personal Health With Ease

The lifestyle of contemporary humans is unnatural. The seemingly inescapable stress and physical discomforts that we deal with on a daily basis have pushed the issue of personal wellness into global focus. breo was established in 2000 with a singular objective in mind: to positively impact human wellness.  

Guided by the principles of Eastern medicine, for over 20 years, breo’s R&D team has labored to put those principles into practice with the help of modern science. The fact that millions of users around the world use breo products as a part of their wellness routine is a testament of our success!  

[Breo massager]、[Breo official]

Chinese Medicine x Modern Technology

breo products are designed for the user-friendly application of Chinese medicine and pressure point massage principles through modern technology. breo products encapsulate traditional wellness techniques in never-before-seen designs for maximal portability.   

Unlike gadgets that claim to be the “latest” or the “newest”, breo is committed to the application of time-tested massage techniques that have been proven and passed down through thousands of years of practice. breo products bring those techniques to life through intuitive, durable and portable massagers that redefine the experience of home massages. 

[Breo massager]、[Breo official]

It’s Not Just a Superior Massager

Functionality, durability and portability are tenets upon which breo was founded. breo products are ultra quiet and easy-to-carry, allowing for an unparalleled user experience anywhere, any time. breo’s microelectromechanical system is the result of 20 years of innovation; it’s worlds apart from the traditional electrical motor used by most competing brands. breo products are simply quieter, lighter, smaller, more efficient and durable. 

[Breo massager]、[Breo official]

Doing good for our customers - and for the world

Our mission is so much more than servicing the bottom line. Breo is fully aware of our environmental impact and strives to continuously minimize our ecological footprint, aiming for sustainability, at every step in our production chain, distribution, corporate management and, of course, in product design. 

Elsewhere, our social involvement first blossomed in Mainland China through the provision of school supplies, reading materials and breo products for disadvantaged groups. Additional endeavors are planned for lauch in the upcoming year. 

BREO is in the Details

BREO is the recipient of over 34 design awards including (but not limited to) the Red Dot Award and IF Award from Germany, as well as the Japanese Good Design Award. BREO’s masterful balance of quality and aesthetics is well recognized worldwide.